Sunday, May 29, 2011

Welcome to Fuller Business Plan

Glad to see you stopping by to check out the Fuller Business Plan. There are many benefits to working with The Fuller Brush Company as an independent distributor. Some people are starting their own businesses, promoting a fundraiser, or simply to purchase wholesale for themselves or their businesses. Whatever your reason for visiting our Blog we are happy you are here.

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I get many folks that remembers Fuller Brush from years ago. Almost everyone says they didn't know they were still around. YES! Fuller Brush is still here and we have been since 1906 with the same high quality products and guarantee. If you have never tried Fuller Brush product may I suggest you try them. I had not heard of Fuller Brush until a few months ago and so far I love everything I've tried. I am now hooked on the Fuller Plus laundry soap.... very concentrated and a little goes a long way. There is no comparison to the Fuller Brush toilet bowl brushes and the ones sold in stores. The quality is just so high that you can see and feel the difference. I am adding products each month to my own home to make it a Fuller Home. I believe in using the products I offer for sale to others.

If you would like to try the Fuller Brush products yourself and put us to the test you may visit our website at or you may place an order directly through me by calling or emailing to the number listed above. I offer great customer service and will even throw in a FREE Gift with your order.

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Thursday, April 21, 2011

Spring Cleaning your AUTO with Fuller Brush

Spring Cleaning your AUTO, YES! over time your vehicle needs detailed TLC.

Fuller Brush Mart has just the products that will make the job a *snap*.
Whether you want to wash the exterior and/or detail the inside we have everything you need to make you PROUD to be seen in your auto again.

Windows & Exterior

Fuller Brush has Fullsparkle # 596 that will clean your auto and it's windows. A little of this goes a long way. You may use it with a hose sprayer kit.
Fullsparkle is on sale for #596/ $9.99
Fullsparkle won't harm your grass, plants or shrubs.

Detailing the Chrome

Now lets get down to some detailed TLC. You will want your steel, chrome, and aluminum to shine.

Fuller Brush Stainless Steel Cleaner # 717 will get the job done. Cleans tough soil film, smudges, stains, oil and fingerprints. Polishes to a satin luster finish. It also protects with a thin coating that resists further soiling. #717 On Sale/ $8.49

Detailing the Interior

There is nothing like getting into your auto and being blasted with a fresh clean scent. Making sure the carpet and upholstery is fresh and clean will take away any stale odors. Fuller Brush has many products to make this job a breeze.

HyperOx Carpet&Fabric Spotter # 623907 can be used to get out any stains...old or new. Most stains will just dissolve away with little or NO scrubbing. # 623907/ on sale $7.99

Super Foam Rug Cleaner # 658 Eliminates soils on most type of carpets and fibers. Vacuum up carpet stains with just a spray. # 658/ on sale $7.49.

Odor Away #610907 Extra Strength fabric refresher. Safely eliminates odors at the source leaving leaving fabrics smelling fresh and clean. #610907/ on sale $7.49.

These are just a few of the high quality cleaning products that
The Fuller Brush Company carries. We at Fuller Brush Mart are dedicated to providing you with the utmost in customer service.

You may find these products listed plus many more at our website:

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Good Luck and keep us posted on your Fuller Experience!

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